Pete Fortenberry, Chair
Pete Browning
Kate Keating
Shirleyann Colonna
Mary Payne
Cheryl Machlis
Chuck Ochsner
Kurt Helin

The purpose of the Architectural Committee is to ensure that the Architectural guidelines established by the Committee pursuant to Article 10 of the CC&R's are strictly followed when improvements or modifications to the common area are being contemplated. The Committee must also ensure that all matters affecting aesthetic considerations are measured and maintained by established design, construction and visual standards.

The Architectural Committee will be composed of, a member of management and from three to five homeowners. The members of the committee will be recommended by the Chairman and approved by the BOD. The Chair person will always be a Board Member.

The Architectural Committee advises and assists homeowners in the application process for proposed property improvements and reviews those applications. The Committee must review the application and approve/deny the application prior to the commencement of any work on improvements to a property and subsequent changes to those improvements.

The goals of the Architectural Committee are to preserve the harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation and topography; keep the community attractive for the enjoyment of the residents; and promote those qualities in the environment which assure value to the project, thus preserving property values.


Glenn Bjorklund, Chair
Donna Jean Darby
Ed Kraus
Jean Rouda
Dee Brown
Terri Tallen

The Communications Committee is made up of three to five homeowners, plus a member of management and is chaired by a Board Member.

The Communications Committee is tasked with maintaining the highest possible level communications between our homeowners, the HOA Board of Directors, the Management staff and the various standing committees. They endeavor to carry out this function by utilizing the monthly Newsletter, an E-mail data base, this web site and whatever other means are available.


Tom Niehaus

The Emergency Preparedness Committee provides guidance and direction in preparation for, and during, an emergency, i. e. natural disaster, in order to optimize the mobilization and coordination of the emergency response efforts of the Association's members within the Association's boundaries.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee will be composed of a Chairperson, who will be a BOD member and three to five homeowners, plus a member of management.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is responsible for planning the Associations response to an emergency, organizing volunteer homeowners/residents into emergency response teams, directing the overall operations of the Association's recovery efforts, and communications with local government and public safety agencies to facilitate the flow of information to the outside and to solicit assistance from the outside as required.

The primary goals of the Emergency Preparedness Committee are that of minimizing the loss of life, treating the injured and, to the extent possible, mitigating property losses to Association members/residents as the result of an emergency.


Mark Barnum, Chair
Neil Machlis
Glenn Bjorklund


Donna Jean Darby, Chair
Art Coulter
Jennifer Custer
Judy Bearse
Robin Bowser

The purpose of the Landscape Committee is the oversight of the landscaping of the common grounds and limited common grounds of the Association.

The Landscape Committee will be composed of from three to five homeowners and a member of management. The Committee will be chaired by a member of the BOD.

Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to, selection of winter and summer color, large scale plantings, sprinkler renovation/water conservation, and tree removal/ replacement. The Committee also reviews landscape variance requests submitted by Association members.

The goal of the Committee is the provision of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional year-round landscape vistas possible within the limits imposed by the Committee's budget. In so doing they must maintain the basic landscape design in accordance with approved specifications and plant lists.


Pete Browning, Chair
Jim Colonna
Keith Darby
Richard Visosky
Walter Howiler

The Maintenance Committee is charged with developing, implementing and monitoring the Association's real property maintenance program utilizing both in-house and contracted resources.

The Maintenance Committee will be composed of from three to five homeowners and a member of management. The Committee chair person will be a member of the BOD.

The Maintenance Committee approves all maintenance contracts and provides oversight of required work; develops in-house maintenance criteria and procedures for maintenance personnel; and establishes a comprehensive maintenance cost containment/cost reduction program.

The goals of the Maintenance Committee include the maintenance of all PVHOA equipment to ensure proper and safe working order, the maintenance of building exteriors (including roofs), sidewalks, driveways and streets in a safe and attractive condition, and the minimizing of capital outlays to accomplish all of the above.


Jim Colonna, Chair
Pete Browning
Bill Costleigh
Lanny Thacker
Bud Small
Pete Fortenberry
Tom Niehaus

The Property Protection Committee is responsible for establishing policies, standards and procedures for PVHOA's security. The Property Protection Committee will be composed of from three to five homeowners and a member of management. The Committee will be chaired by a member of the BOD.

This Committee provides oversight of all security functions within the Association. These include, among others, establishing specific procedures in order to meet security goals, reviewing the security contract, monitoring the performance of contracted on-site security personnel in meeting the standards established in the security contract, establishing crime prevention awareness including establishment of a "Neighborhood Watch" program, and keeping the BOD apprised of all issues affecting security within, or immediately contiguous to, the boundaries of the Association.

The goals of the Property Protection Committee are to provide a safe, secure, and crime free environment for the homeowners/residents and guests of Palm Valley Country Club (PVCC; the "Club") and the PVHOA.


Jennifer Custer, Liaison