Board & Committees

In addition to our Board of Directors, we have various committees residents can volunteer for. If you want to get involved, please contact the HOA office. To see who is currently serving on the committees and see committee meeting minutes and more, please login to your owner portal. Thank you!


The Board of Directors is responsible for general HOA management oversight and the HOA budget.


The Architectural Committee works to preserve the harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation and topography; keep the community attractive for the enjoyment of the residents; and promote those qualities in the environment which assure value to the project, thus preserving property values.


The Communications Committee maintains the highest possible level communications between our homeowners, the HOA Board of Directors, the Management staff and the various standing committees.  


The Emergency Preparedness Committee is responsible for planning the Associations response to an emergency to minimize loss of life, treat the injured and, to the extent possible, mitigating property losses to Association members/residents as the result of an emergency.


The Finance Committee oversees the budget.


The goal of the Committee is the provision of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional year-round landscape vistas possible within the limits imposed by the Committee's budget. In so doing they must maintain the basic landscape design in accordance with approved specifications and plant lists.


The Maintenance Committee is charged with developing, implementing and monitoring the Association's real property maintenance program utilizing both in-house and contracted resources. This committee approves all maintenance contracts and provides oversight of required work; develops in-house maintenance criteria and procedures for maintenance personnel; and establishes a comprehensive maintenance cost containment/cost reduction program.


The Property Protection Committee is responsible for establishing policies, standards and procedures for PVHOA's security in order to provide a safe, secure, and crime free environment for the homeowners/residents and guests of Palm Valley Country Club (PVCC; the "Club") and the PVHOA.


The Social Committee helps residents create and participate in a variety of activities.